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in the case of the boom, the problem was

chains, market and product planning through instructive orders, rapid replenishment to selling products, as well as rapid response product, establishing a retail-oriented business model." In quick mode can not be separated from retail-oriented stores the latest data support store is the last step of selling, but also the future product planning of the first link, and based on this to get the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time in    adidas originals zx 700 sale    the right place. In other industries that rely on agents for sale already approaches maturity, some efficient motors can be done according to the dealer submits the order to produce. "Under the traditional wholesale model, manufacturers sold the goods dealer, don't care about sales terminals, in the case of the boom, the problem was

masked, but once markets are volatile, dealers operating problems, is also ultimately hurt manufacturers. "Kim said. In simple terms, 6,400 stores as the Li Ning company was going to meet different market in the past need only enable the Distributor to pick. Now for the stores to confirm information, Li Ning will be adjusted according to weekly feedback. Retail operations (Retail Business Management) was established, every month, every week, retail data updates. Based on these data, store replenishment, stock reduction, shop goods each week, changing the way. Retail store management after implementation, consumer-driven supply chain can build up quickly. Starting from last December, Li Ning's retail operations project manager ringing regularly

appear in retail stores across the country, he's one of Kim's new management team, dedicated to retail store management. Retail store management is to first understand the market, pinpoint consumer groups, followed by the product designer retail stores  asics gel kinsei 4 ladies   is used to obtain data, understanding their real needs. Third is to establish a retail testing platform, critical information in the analysis of retail data, optimize the allocation of resources. Li Ning to evaluate all stores last year, more than 8,000 stores 20% unprofitable or inefficient, it can only be switched off. Bell said the rent sales ratio is too high, excluding purchasing costs, market points deductions and discount sales of unprofitable stores, it is better off; managing existing stores, each store sells 10,000, there will be no impact on overall sales. Bell details can reflect changes in the market to find the

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