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Lingchen believes that this is a double insurance.

Business Alliance, mostly in Wenzhou shoe enterprises of Wenzhou shoe industry association is actively preparing for the tables with the appeal of the material. Meanwhile, aokang Group expressed its readiness to conduct on two fronts: on the one hand, in 2006, aokang five Chinese shoe to a Court of the European Union, such as anti-dumping suits, two-year Court written pleadings have ended, the oral procedure will be   air max thea womens    held at the end of this year or early next year. The other hand, aokang and other well-known enterprises in Wenzhou are preparing tables for materials, in combination with other domestic shoe enterprises, collective response to "sunset". Aokang shoes business on two fronts, both aokang litigation lawyer and respond to the sunset review of the European Union's Chief lawyer Pu Lingchen believes that this is a double insurance.

If collective protest victory, anti-dumping tax aokang shoes business can continue to work with the EU Court case for the EU to make an apology, or you can withdraw the lawsuit if plans to prepare for the worst, collective response to failure, then companies such as aokang and Eurojust can continue to fight the lawsuit, fighting for market economy status  air max 2014 womens. According to Pu Lingchen introduced this sunset review is essentially unchanged, principally Italy shoes prosecution measures for two years whether to proceed to the footwear industry in China's new round of requests for review, according to the sunset review of legal procedures, the measures either to maintain or withdraw. But because of the different investigation procedures, responding to some changes in strategy, mainly in response to review is by industry or company standing in a

collective approach to deal with, but is not quite as original as individual enterprises, and at the same time with the industry's interests. Industry believes that this arrangement, you can attain the idea to unify, momentum will also give the EU greater pressure, the plea as a whole benefit. How to fight for market economy status Although China shoe this plea to "total elimination of the anti-dumping duties" for the purpose of Pu Lingchen also played good defense the confidence is there, but he stressed that too many uncertain factors here, nobody can guarantee results. He pointed out that maintaining anti-dumping duties is not considered lost, to see in what way to keep, if it is to reduce enterprise losses under the conditions of maintaining, for enterprises are a success. Thus, the enterprises involved should actively apply again to the EU's market economy status. If

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