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, that keep him awake at night. In

left him alone, lying in a pile in the corner of the warehouse of already packaged and ready to export leather shoes. He Zhen Yang xincheng, ruian city, industrial zone, a company specializing in overseas markets by the end of the shoe-making business owners. In the previous few months, his declining orders, and after entering October  air max classic bw uk , which disappeared almost overnight. Shen did not know was from Wall Street's financial crisis are spreading rapidly in this October, economic depression and unemployment increases Europe's consumer sentiment dropped to the lowest point. Work stoppage is still close? Factories in production, workers ' collective holiday, are owed more than $ 1 million, which is a SAC the situation currently facing, that keep him awake at night. In

the past more than 10 years, Shen has been engaged in a shoe manufacturing and exporting business. Asset for him, the millions of dollars, and employs about 300 people, 26 technical staff, has the domestic advanced production line of footwear, with annual production capacity of 1.5 million pairs. Every day countless shoes were put on a truck for Terminal leave for Hong Kong, his shoes in the plant are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, over his leather shoes with cheap price and good quality, let his expanding overseas markets, have made huge profits. "I mainly do foreign markets, because it is simple to make, you do not need to set up their own distribution network, went abroad just low prices you can get a lot of dealers, and you  air max 95 360 uk   r products can be sold. But in China, you not only have to face peer competition, most of the time, you also

have to borrow huge sums of money to build the network, build brand, and still do not see any benefit in the short term. "Shenfei says, in this case he gave up the domestic market. And he is different, conwise, red dragonflies and other shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou, have opted for flowers at home and abroad. Shenfei now regret. Shenfei's shoe exports have in the past one-third are exported to United States, two-thirds are exported to Europe, and this would be largely represents Chinese shoe export market segments. "Sometimes the United States market, exported to Europe, but now it's all bad. , "Shen said. In the Wenzhou area several months ago, there have been a large number of businesses because of rising raw material prices, a stronger yuan and a series of foreign policy adjustments had to close because they have some size advantage, shenfei

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