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single production line, also apply

cost of inputs and three lines of 150,000 yuan/time required to recover a three-month earnings the cost of investments back Explanation: Lean transformation: Huajian footwear from internal management transformation initiatives, transformation is not over yet, but have made very obvious effect. Originally, according to various   air max 97 hyperfuse sale    c ost rose factors, enterprise production a double shoes of tax Qian profit has from 2006 of 1.2 dollars dropped to 2008 early of 0.21 dollars, but fine benefits of transformation by brings of efficient and cost save, makes China Caine shoes industry entered 2008 Hou, a double shoes on can save cost 0.6 dollars, tax Qian profit is improve to 0.81 dollars, even good Yu 2007 of level. Also, lean is not limited to a single production line, also apply

to invoicing across the enterprise, and each chain link. There is an advertising term fits well with the lean production model goal, that is, "there is no best, only better". Companies constantly strive for lean at the same time, will continue to increase productivity and reduce production costs. It of processing direction is such of way we see she lost came of material   air max 90 vt sale    is no rules of that should is said it of desktop to is as of horizontal such came so he a took came you see note this direction he a took came is level type of that he just took came (of when) also no also to around about on seems diving as of straight with jumped down with air swivel several action it difficulty on not as has that he of efficiency speed also in (by effects) even is 0.1 seconds or is 0.5 seconds are affected/lean that you require is not overly harsh/should speak more some not demanding why the

operator seize things he shouldn't waste moves when you let him waste it is not human nature should be the valid time effective human resources and put in an effective position to call this a reasonable Explanation: Pressure to reduce costs can enable enterprises to respond to a short period, but to achieve long-term benefits, you also need a qualitative transformation. Long yilai, "low cost, and low profit" of processing trade mode has became restricted China manufacturing further development of bottleneck, in technology, and production, and marketing three big field, China manufacturing more in played posted brand processing of role, products also often in industry chain of low-end, how development production has high value-added of products, and created independent brand, and pioneering market, change original of trade growth way, has

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