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Spain team, Argentina, and Colombia team,

strong sense of collective, Nike needs to do is to use the creative combination of patriotism and football. "Evasive, emphasized the creativity of the product itself, evoking resonated with fans, Nike also used their own way" playing "World Cup. Shirt sponsorship deduction marketing "attack and defense" Brazil's World Cup, Nike will provide 10 teams with jerseys, were: Australia team, Brazil team, Croatia team, England, France, and Greece and the  air max 2013 cheap Netherlands, and Portugal teams, Korea and the United States. Favourite hot Brazil, England, Portugal's top teams bound for the Nike Bo to a lot of eyeballs, and lock the United States team will also ensure stable status of Nike in the North American market. While the number of adidas-sponsored teams from the last World Cup when 12 reduced to 9 teams, namely: Spain team, Argentina, and Colombia team,

Germany, and Japan, and Mexico team, Nigeria, Bosnia and Russia. But Spain, Argentina, Germany consisting of "adidas World Cup title defending team" should not be underestimated. However it is worth noting is that boomers fight with each other two brands, PUMA has been slowly closing on from behind, this year's World Cup in Italy, Switzerland, Ivory Coast  air max 90 cheap, Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Uruguay, Chile a total of eight national team will wear PUMA suit. This new power will also be a whirlwind blows at the World Cup. It is easy to see, once dominated Europe, adidas appears to have lost its dominance, has reinvented itself over the national team to wear Nike or PUMA Jersey. Adidas and this cost a lot of money on the World Cup sponsorship rights

are inextricably linked.Star shoes also have sponsored scholarship Apart from outside Jersey, shoes became a battlefield of adidas and Nike are the other competing. Repucom sports marketing research firm released last week ten of the most marketable stars in world football rankings, there were 6 people signed a contract with Nike and 3 belonging to the adidas camp. Nike Portugal people Ke?luonaerduo (Ronaldo) led by 86% global visibility of the list. 2013 year jerseys bearing his name sold more than 1 million units. Adidas-sponsored Macy's global fame is 76%, in second place. Repucom believes that Ronaldo active on social networks will improve their market value. Cristiano on Twitter (Twitter) already has 26 million fans, and "reticent" Messi was only 2 million followers. At this year's World Cup, which will also create an atmosphere for the respective brand

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