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aokangna (Brian O'Connor) said that he

the top, now 51; he sits on 25 million Facebook fans and prove his popularity as ever. In 2013, Jordan was elected most popular player in the ESPN Sports poll, according to statistics from ESPN the magazine's special issue on music, last year Michael Jordan's name in 50 new song lyrics, exceeding the second NBA star Kobe Bryant's 18 times, and Le  air max 95 cheap   Bron James 15 times. On YouTube, Jordan in the 1988 Dunk contest video was the site of one of the top ten Dunks lens. "When we talk to young athletes, I found, which is why they know Jordan's way, and know that he is the greatest player of all time. Social media continues to put Michael Jordan in a young State. "The Vice President of marketing Jordan brand bulaien?aokangna (Brian O'Connor) said that he

was at that moment, a perfect image is eternally fixed in there. Baker Street advertising company (Baker Street Advertising), Creative Director, baobo?duoerfuman (Bod Dorfman) once said, if you don't like "Tiger" Woods that corrupt scandal, so the only thing to take away Michael Jordan light – "It is time. When people buy into people who have never seen the child he was playing, he becomes an irrelevant person. ” However, Jordan even had to time to fight, he is deeply involved in every generation of AJ sneaker design. "Different from most other players, and he really likes to sit down in the product design process, bears the imprint of their   air max 1 cheap own products. "Nike's Vice President of creative Ting Ke?hatefeierde (Tinker Hatfield) said that Jordan and even late-night

call to discuss design details. "This cannot be called a manipulative, but have maintained a sense of responsibility and pride themselves in things, and this is the reason for his great achievements in the field of basketball. ” The 1980 's, when the AJ series conforms to the Americans started the sneaker culture pursuits. Sneaker culture into the mainstream media, is derived from the 2004 visit to Michael Jordan, and he is selling athletic shoes. From then on, buying hundreds of pairs of sneakers is not the kind of eccentricity, but a culture. Sneakers now highlights the fashion and trends – became popular because of the TV show where is the father of Jimmy and his son, put on parent-child wear sneakers JORDAN brand, quickly attracted a large influx of people to follow.

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