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consumer goods totaled 375.29 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%, larger retail space market. And as the focus of Southwest city, Chengdu commercial radiation drive around the city's spending is a sports brand in the future battleground. Data show that at present become the third city sports brand shop number, the top five are Beijing, Shanghai,  air max plus cheap Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and the number of shops divided. In Beijing and Shanghai respectively, 986 and 871 families of first-, second half of Chengdu from Beijing, while the third, 466. 381 and 328 respectively in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, fall is unlikely. However, the high-end sporting goods store over 60%

are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other higher levels of economic regions. The reason is that the consumption needs of the high-end sporting goods store to support high economic level, but its high price limited the consumer market in the developed regions, economically developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen has more economic power to the consumer. Business model transformation Sports brand ping effect brought about by the different operation modes are different. Sports retail shop ping activity around 3000 Yuan/month, shop the collection has a strong collection of resources, guest residence time increased and rapid updating and circulation of goods, driving sales growth, set sell better than a single store mode, its

effect can be reached at least 1 time times the ping effect, about 6000-8000 Yuan/month. Differs in the form of a single collection of boutiques and shops, sports superstores are bigger, like Decathlon area of more than 3000 square meters and above, Decathlon shop ping effect for 800-1000 Yuan/month. Different patterns of movement in retail, customer stickiness is the highest at the Club. Especially outdoor sports-related clubs, has a strong appeal to the   cheap nike air yeezy Member, Member's loyalty is very high. Yonex Redskins clubs settled in Beijing, Qinhuangdao forest Tennis Club, Head authorized sales of their products increasingly high mountaineering club, camping clubs and professional sports brand has been a good combination. Club member event-driven product sales,

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