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to be there's no substantive action. O2O

the science and technology applications will continue to be the sport brand is one of the selling points of the future. From now on, to pay more attention to product availability, better exercise science combines fashion and how to reflect different technologies in different grades of products, will be promoting the brand of the future the key to competitiveness, to attract consumers.From Bao Sheng international--the nation's largest sportswear retailer –   air max classic bw sale    Business Development Division General Manager think Xing Kechun, even for those who walk in the O2O road, is about to become "fertilizer" without known pioneers on the conscience. O2O overwhelming, class President, shouting subversive; called the successful and unsuccessful cases, and very lively. A closer look, except for slogans, except cry seems to be there's no substantive action. O2O

Pathfinder as a bitter, I just want to say: less subversive, more service! Is usually the ignorant Audacity only no shortage of slogans. But a revolution is not a bragging bullshit, but to get down, a little bit of refinement and improvement. We think about it: 1, subversion, may I ask who tried to subvert? 2, do you understand the strength of being subversive?    nike air yeezy 2 sale   He was strong or are you strong? 3, you'd see him which piece of fat meat? 4, what do you use to subvert the people? Did you try? Expand the scale and scope of it? 5, with what you come for Subversion? Who are your competitors? After 6, assuming you have Subversion, how do you make money? 7, Mantis, Siskin, behind you know who want to overthrow you? If you did not affect the benefit structure, you don't

even know where is the chance of success; if you affect your interests, please can you really powerful, can subvert rather than being killed. O2O has no subversion of the avalanche, only squat body, listen to consumer needs, a little bit of micro innovation, responsive to consumer habits, provide a more user-friendly products and provide more warmth of service. We are used to "local tyrants-land" eliminated competition mode, we ignore the "moisten things silently" service mindset. O2O who do not destroy, but thought better of the service: 1, what is consumer demand? What is the consumer pain points? Consumers can tell needs is demand, and consumers don't perceive needs is more valuable. 2, listed a whole bunch of needs and children's point, if you do subtraction, select only one of them, which one do you choose? 3, if the demand is served better,

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