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Youth Foundation.Nike Baidu's cooperation so far

And National Football League middle school students on Baidu cooperation is the classic case of this cooperation. Each school the students ' League tournament in which Baidu has its own bar, individual schools can organize   air max 1 sale   their own team in the bar, and each bar will have a Nike LOGO, the Nike brand events Bulletin Board.Subsequently, the brand organization within the scope of the school teams, compete with each other. Through the competition air max 90 womens, some of these school varsity star player selected by Nike, more intensive competition and training. In this way, Nike quickly in each school to establish a Youth Foundation.Nike Baidu's cooperation so far

has been getting better. A few days ago, Baidu data announced third quarter of 2011, sportswear industry research report. Statistics found that in the search for major sportswear brands, Nike sportswear brand is   air max 95 sale  the most popular Internet concern, ranked first with 27.76% attention, the chain gained 1.35% in the second quarter, average daily search index of 229,000.
Precision marketing is bullish on e-commerceWith the deepening of cooperation between the two sides and develop ways of cooperation are constantly changing. air max lunar uk "In addition to simple keyword marketing and marketing of the brand zone, we'd like to keep Baidu and Nike combines,

becoming expert Internet users essential to life in movement. Any sports-related knowledge, products or training information, games,   air max humara saleand more are available on this platform. "Huang Ting said," we believe Baidu Nike brand development and demand are synchronized, Nike from purely advertising, audience, passively accepted, there are now many new forms of social networking, we hope that further and consumer interaction, not only in what you said that I listen to. Among the existing marketing systems, Nike pays attention to feedback from users, Baidu help us to hear more voices from the consumer. ”

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