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s just released the new spring/summer 2012,

2012 and summer outdoor products popular element had already met with the world. The elements of style---conglinfeng In this quarter, the family day, Lion brand, these outdoor brand saidan Fox have a soft spot for jungle adventure in this outdoor activity-the latest elements---the jungle elements also meet with you. Outdoor brands in different displays of jungle adventure, jungle, jungle style outdoor outdoor fashion brand sought after elements. In the summer of 2012, as jungle style outdoor market popular seasons. In this regard, the outdoor   converse trainers uk  b rand saidan Fox says enter the mysterious jungle, is a temptation for outdoor sports lovers, outdoor love jungle elements brand never stops. L?we, saidan Fox outdoor brand has just released the new spring/summer 2012,

jungle hat, Camo series outdoor clothing, Brooks shoes outdoor product in question contains a rich jungle elements, mysterious and fresh forest wind we had to face. ---Personality element memory foam Every consumer wants to have his own shoe this season, outdoor brands have begun to pay attention to consumer demand. Outdoor brands to use memory foam material, professional foot shaped shoe for consumers, for outdoor shoes to add personalized elements. Colombia, family day at the new spring/summer 2012, have launched such expertise of their own outdoor shoes full of personality. According to family day introduction, mechanical properties of memory foam with the slow rebound, it seems flat and spongy surface as long as hand press a handprint appears, then

slowly disappear. Using this memory foam inside the shoes will make consumers feel when I first wore an unprecedented comfort. After long hours of wearing shoes to be reminded of the wearer's foot, as well as tailored for consumer products. A pair of shoes that belong to only one person this personality element has been popular among many outdoor brand slowly. Convenient elements---fast lacing system Outdoor sports tend to be popular today, convenient outdoor products are a major selling point. In the latest issue of outdoor spring/summer 2012 brand outdoor products, convenient outdoor brand sought after by many of the element. Family day brand, easy to wear, easy to replace outdoor products are one of the most important features of this

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