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listening, brands are more likely to enter the

going to tank" activity, a good grasp of young people "love" psychological traits, so easy access to hundreds of millions of young men in hot pursuit, and as they talk, events of interest. Last year, the author of a study on NIKE article read one interview with reporters at its headquarters in Shanghai, see the public relations department and every employee in serious reading high school student sent a League plan; NIKE employees told reporters in an interview, interview with their children on the streets in Beijing, the children said  asics gel noosa tri 9 women's, "Nike really knows them." These words touched the author, if the product features, brand and culture are two basic approaches to become part of the consumer, so listening is a third way, after listening, brands are more likely to enter the

consumer's mind, deeply stamped with the brand mark, the brand will be accompanied by their lives. How do we know our consumers, so that consumers know that we understand them? People have memories, beautiful memories is part of life. How to organize events, plan projects and associated with the consumer, giving consumers good memories, moving, touching customers. Blogs, photos, diaries, you are concerned about, because they are yours  asics gel lyte iii mens, how do you get the brand become a consumer? A shirt with your signature embroidery, put your little magazine cover photos, shirts with the magazine instantly changed the meaning of in your eyes. Meet the individual needs of consumers, from the details, and design efforts, the brand will become the consumer's best

friends. A, Max shoes Recently, Poland Radom a shoe plant in celebration of 50 years of manufacturing had a 1. 84-meter-long, 1. 22-metre-high big shoes. It as the "world's biggest shoes" has been manned the Guinness book. Original recording is 1. 16 m long, 0. 62-meter-high shoes. Shoe magnate in China's first fair, a leather shoe, 2. 05 meters, 0. 85 metres and weigh up to 82. 5 kg, upper seven imported cowhide, took over more than 160 hours to make. Called "the world wonders" King of shoes, one can lie in the inside to loose. It was produced by the Zhejiang Bali shoe factory. Second, the most expensive shoes Recently, a pair of shoes produced in 1620 in London at 1. Price of 90,000 pounds was auctions. This pair of shoes is made of gold and satin

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