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than 2008, tried to seize the opportunity

AI?Lisi believe that, in the face of financial crisis, Chinese enterprises should observe the long-term marketing laws, grab an excellent marketing opportunity in the crisis, focusing on brand's "minds position" and create a brand n  asics gel hyper 33 2 mens   ting efforts. Nike football basketball grasp; world high jump Queen Li-Ning in hand; marriage of Kappa entertainment laodahua Yi brothers; Anta world women's tennis number one player, please help out; peak with FIBA towards joint events and brand development across the region. 2009 prime-time advertising on CCTV, Fujian has several major sports brand is for the higher price tag than 2008, tried to seize the opportunity

to extend brand reach ... ... According to the statistics, those consumers as "most successful" brand communication activities are often started in difficult economic times. United States, advertising age magazine's "100 advertising campaigns of the 20th century's most successful" case, all 25 projects after 1945 are in expansion measures have been taken during the recession. Think it over before doing Senior Ministry of industrial development of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization advisers predicted that the 50% of Chinese-made   asics gel saga uk    hoes in their own domestic markets ahead, so earlier concerns and demanding more focus on enterprises in the domestic market, the more it can be the next winner of the golden period of development.

However, for entering snapped up the shoe of the era, the pursuit of speed is important, but the Foundation was in prison. Now, in this delicate period, shoe should be results-oriented, process analysis, comprehensive promotion. First, Enterprise not blind corruption Rob, for himself of is most important of, although resources limited, but occasionally of gave up has ominously; second, for internal structure adjustment, improved logistics, system; again, store sufficient of cash, master enterprise of funds flow; IV, established analysis system and effect assessment mechanism; v, views policy, see market, timely change, as current rural market and University City CCP of rise; VI, taking advantage of, as to integration resources, will value maximize; VII, spare no effort to of

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