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positioning is a popular wave of movement, the adidas

Classic clover Dida (sport heritage series Adidas Original), Y-3 (sports fashion series), adidas special Original (very special range of adidas products, was developed specifically for uniformed Marine in the late in the 1970 of the 20th century boots) and most people are familiar with the performance series (three stripes LOGO)  asics gel saga mens    Difference from adidas, adidas adidas clover is divided into three series, namely: sports performance series (three stripes LOGO), sporting the traditional series (Shamrock LOGO), fashion series (spherical containing three stripes LOGO). Sports

performance series devoted to popular sports, its positioning is a popular wave of movement, the adidas three stripes LOGO, prices are more readily accepted by the general public. Sport the traditional series is adidas's classic series, positioning it is the wave of retro classics, compared to the more stylish, high-end sports performance series. Sports traditions   mens asics gel lyte v.   s eries features adidas clover LOGO (also ADI earlier LOGO), the series introduced for limited edition products have high prices make it easier for

Income groups were received. Fashion series, sometimes called Y3 series, its positioning is a trendsetting fashion craze, Y3 series top design has moved out of sporting's framework, is a high-end fashion line, and its essence is a luxury series. Using spherical include adidas ' three stripes LOGO. Y represents the series Japan designer YOHJI Yamamoto 3 on behalf of the company's three signature stripes. If described as pyramids adidas series, the three stripes sports performance series is the bottom of the

pyramid, Shamrock sports the traditional series is the middle part of the pyramid, Y3 sport fashion series is a pyramid Spire. Analysis of visible, with adidas adidas clover are not fundamentally different, cloverGrass is a series owned by adidas, Nike is an excellent metaphor, the adidas clover's relationship with Nike and adidas, Nike 360, is the relationship between the parts and the whole. Adidas style adidas style adidas

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