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most of the time is a reincarnation. The 80 's of the last century, white shoes, red streaks along with thick rubber sole Warrior shoes are quite bovine "hipster signs" now has less pull back and guide from the perspective of   cheap nike air max    fashion.Reporters found that those old China is quietly in the Changsha fire up.Bouncing shoes, Xie Fuchun, lanterns and other   nike air max 2013 cheap  old China Changsha professionals trying to find baby. While prices are not high, rates of less than 50 Yuan, but the operators revenue a fortune, a domestics shop earning at least twenty thousand or thirty thousand.
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Changsha, self-proclaimed hipster $literal girl Ying Zhou, like most shoes are not worn by adidas (adidas store), or Nike, but Chinese Warrior shoes."I was not very clear back to the history, but pull back very fashionable, and cheap  nike air max 95 sale. "Ying Zhou says, Warrior shoes a fire abroad lately, so often send few study abroad students to let her buy the past,"   nike air max 90 cheap  the day before yesterday, I sent them all of a sudden, five pairs of ".At Stadium road in Changsha city jiamei sporting goods shop at 52nd, new window, Warrior shoes stocked with 6 different styles, and the classic white with red stripes lifan shoes are placed in the most prominent position.

"The showcase is to pull back recently made. "Warrior shoes Manager Gao Qiaoling has sold more than 10 years told reporters that two months, bouncing shoes is getting better and better, sell 1 pair a month previously, can now sell more t  nike air max 1 cheaphan more than 20 pairs.Bouncing shoe popular abroad, Gao Qiaoling and know a few: "often has students studying abroad to come here to buy shoes, abroad are sold for hundreds of dollars a pair, we only sold thirty or forty dollars, and has a lot of style. ”"Old inferior to international brand-name goods does not"At Hexi, Changsha grandeur of xiaoxiang creative (creative boutiques) trains Fu Chun Hall on the first

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