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China portfolio from Shane who had grown to NBA stars.

Signing stars surrounded by international homeAllow consumers to herd more than select the eyeballs that see their brand success in economy, although NBA star endorsements has succeeded in attracting the consumer,  nike blazers sale but it concentrated only once, "a viable brand must continue to make breakthroughs, innovative. "Xu Zhihua said. Although more and more brands are starting to find star endorsements, but Xu Zhihua is not worried. nike blazers for men From September 2006 signed after Shane battier, peak already proactively agreed to in the contract with NBA stars come to China to interact with fans, Pico China portfolio from Shane who had grown to NBA stars.

Pico has successfully from the international home, it also stems from its difficult position for the year.In 2005, the domestic market    womens nike blazer low   homogenization serious sports brand, CCTV-5 is the size of celebrity endorsements of unheard of sports brands, domestic sports brand rush to use "celebrity endorsements on CCTV 's" model Monkey on Xu Zhihua, "  womens nike blazer high  even I didn't know the brand. "Xu Zhihua said with a laugh. "How to let consumers see Pico in the many choices? How to keep their eyes on the advertising, attention to the brand? "Recalls that year's confusing, Xu Zhihua was feeling.

Not give consumers a clear brand positioning is difficult to highlight the brand personality, with basketball shoes for professional peak will be looking at the basketball games at the highest level--NBA. "If we could cooperate with the N   nike cortez trainers uk   BA, peak shoes allow their players, our professionalism will certainly be recognized, branding is also complete. "Xu Zhihua introduction. Peak 2006 first call Shane battier doing endorsements, gain consumer recognition at the same time, Pico is also recognized by the NBA. "We promote word of the NBA, NBA on marketing and we are mutually cooperative relationship, we are dominated by two or three lines of the channel is that they fancy, NBA want to break into two or three-tier cities, and their approval is key to enhance our influence.

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