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e production process. If you are in the local processing, as long as

Supporting industries, communications, hinderingReporter: as we know, many companies choose to help similar to relatively simple processing operations outside the labour output to Jiangxi, Sichuan, the most fundamental reason is   adidas superstar 2 uk   that job harder. For your enterprise feel this approach what are the biggest obstacles?Zhang Jiameng: I think it is the communication of information issues. Although various tools of communication are well developed, but many s adidas originals zx 700 ukill can't rely on the phone to solve the problem. For example, there have been some problems in the production process. If you are in the local processing, as long as

companies and technicians to help take a look at, you can see where the problem can also be resolved in a timely manner; but if you put   adidas js wings 2.0 uk   more mature, stable workforce, and we gave each other processed products in the model is also relatively stable, cannot do this type of product today, tomorrow with that type of product. Model more, the bigger the chances of problems.

Compared to this, I think that other factors such as the logistics cost, relatively speaking, are relatively easy to solve.The altar:  adidas porsche trainers uk   personally, the biggest impediment is relative to the industry is not perfect. A problem has occurred during the processing of the product you want to what? If just half a material reserve is gone, going to do? Many prob  adidas basket profi low uklems in Jinjiang may not issue at all, just one phone call can solve, however put out will affect businesses throughout the production process.Too hard for general industry practicesReporter: in your opinion, whether the relocation of part of the operation approach could be the development of the industry trends?

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