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e Nike and adidas. In 2009, the Li Ning company sales

In order to occupy a favorable market situation, Li Ning, shifting focus to the high end of the market, will move the mainstream price segment products of more than 200 Yuan to 350 Yuan more than price, close to the mainstream price Nike and adidas  new balance 620 uk. In 2009, the Li Ning company sales reach 8.387 billion yuan, an increase of 25.4% over adidas became China's second market, Nike, the gap is very small with the first name.

On the organizational structure, before Li Ning company was functional, flat organizational structure. In the recycling process, from the vertical management, divided according to the sports category management business, such as badminton, running, basketball, transverse departments on product development, marketing, sales, supply and so on. As a   new balance 595 uk result, after the remodeling of the company becomes a matrix organizational structure. Sales, Li Ning is a further optimisation of the supply chain and distribution models different sales regions, marketing organization

controlled by Headquarters into three regions – North, East and South, independently responsible for their marketing and distribution in the region. In addition, Li-Ning product lines have been consolidated, established a separate professional product lines: top gear, changed professional line designed for athletes in the past and not available in retail channel.Prior to 2004 the company to list in Hong Kong, has criticized the Wall Street Journal said: for a long time, the company has been claiming to be acceptable to the domestic high-quality brands, but apart from the price advantage, it did not establish a unique image, has not yet demonstrated their capability for professional athletes to

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