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Nike set up a digital sports departments (Nike Digital Sport)

According to statistics, there are now 5 million joggers, will take advantage of this feature to periodically check their running situation, at the same time, Nike launched the watch is called the FuelBand, energy    nike blazers sale consumption calculation allows joggers running.But just providing products, not Nike's intentions, with an emphasis on movement regularly through the consumer to provide personal information to the company Web site,  nike blazers for men Nike has a direct channel of communication with consumers and creating online community, such as jogging Club (Running Club). This kind of interaction patterns, and indirectly changed the Nike marketing tactics.

Under the United States of the Fortune (Fortune) magazine reported that 2011 Nike total marketing spending 2.4 billion US dollar    womens nike blazer low hit a new high, but in the last 3 years, Nike's television and print advertising spending down $ 40%.2010 Nike set up a digital sports departments (Nike Digital Sport), with a renewed advertising policies, it used to be   womens nike blazer high like the United States when the Super Bowl only 200 million people may see the Nike ad, but now online groups and Web sites, more than 200 million people saw almost daily.

Fortune magazine analysis, Nike marketing is supported by advertising in the past (Just Market It), a description of the top to the bottom, but now    nike cortez trainers uk is on dialogue (Just Talk It). Although Nike is not a United States top 500 Enterprise, unique digital marketing company, but judging from the sales of financial data and stock prices, Nike story-telling mode, access to favored investors. (China-shoes excursions, the most authoritative professional shoes industry information centre)
The shoes nets living room: sports marketing is a double-edged sword

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