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Superman series products mainly includes Superman

Converse Superman 2012, all listed. Where converse meets Superman, what do you think? converse of the century-old brand,    nike free 4.0 v3 uk  started out with basketball shoes, espadrilles are world-famous. When graffiti becomes a kind of culture, converse will encounter with Superman.


Superman series is the converse brand converse together DC effort to build one of the world's largest Comics company. D.C comics is one of the   nike free run 2 sale   world's largest Comics company, the full name is Detective ComicsD.C. Marvel Comics (Marvel Comics) for current United States two largest      nike free run 3 uk   Comics company, is the United States the vast majority of superheroes crib (perhaps a cemetery). D.C Comics company owns Superman, Batman, wonder woman, the Flash, Green Lantern and other Super Heroes, famous xuanhe, growing family.


Converse Superman series products mainly includes Superman, Batman, wonder woman, the Flash, Green Lantern cartoon figures, performance by means of painting graffiti. On this basis, shoe lining more developed different variations in detail. New     nike free 3.0 v5 uk    converse in the Superman series    nike free trainer 5.0 v4 uk launched in 2012, converse brand main Batman as the main theme, the use of four different designs, and used literally glowing colours, highlighting the Batman and Joker dark forces confronting each other in the dark, full fun!

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