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Pipe air followed by a part of the General production

test its performance can be used for simulating immersion test. In addition, like all thermoplastics, and thermoplastic polyurethane can be recycled, adding a small amount of scraps in a new thermoplastic polyurethane, will not have any effect on the quality of the product.Thermoplastic polyurethane slide cushion, largely through the e   nike air force 1 low uk   xcellent physical and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane, high resilience, performance, crack growth resistance excellent resistance to puncture, impact resistance and high strength. Pipe air followed by a part of the General production, shock absorbing

features. And the colour variations, colorful visual effect to sneakers to gild the lily.Thermoplastic polyurethane filling oil cushion, the image should be called "liquid pad", but because the functions are mainly shock, mattress under category, using the oil resistance of thermoplastic polyurethane and high elasticity. Often used for followed by the Department, and nest site, used to shock and stabilize the foot flip. Profile outsole profile, the Windows exposed Palm air, combined with the bottom edge of the thickness of the gas chambers at approximately 1  nike lunar force 1 fuse u k0-20mm, wall 1-1.4mm, soft and resilient high middle part thickness smaller Chamber, approximately 2-6mm, poor elasticity and beams supporting role;

solid section thickness is about in the Middle 2-3mm, coupling effects. The forefoot 10 mm thickness at the thinnest, followed by the thickness of the thickest is generally 20mm, forefoot cushion from behind as a whole is a wedge-shaped structure. Hidden Palms air cushion edge thickness is generally 1-1.2mm, thickness of the gas chamber is generally 2-4mm, thickness and edge thickness of the solid part of the same 1-1.2mm.
Window structure has the following 3 species:1, margin of the gas chamber as a whole structure;2, RIM Chamber disconnects from the

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