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complete sets of contracts are denominated in

flexible effective of products combination, for "out of to" Enterprise provides full, and train integration commercial service, such as for "export trade type" Enterprise Bank Luoyang Branch provides of financial products service on up 40 species of more.During the interview, a banker said: "financial product portfolio to take advantage   new balance 373 uk   of the current exchange rate risk, legitimate and reasonable to postpone or advance payment time, locking transaction costs in advance. "For example, she said, Yichuan company imported complete sets of contracts are denominated in

euros. By June of this year, the Bank after market analysis, inform the enterprise of the euro has fallen to the stage at the bottom, it should be signed as soon as the purchase price and later euros was picked up, companies have saved millions of cost. Only the Bank,    new balance 576 uk within the past year to help the city's import business to earn additional revenue of nearly 10 million Yuan.In addition, the Ministry said the officials in charge of Luoyang branch of China Bank International Settlements, banks should also be actively engaged in customer training, guide enterprises to focus on impact of exchange rate fluctuations on earnings, adjust production

and business strategy, product demand at the international level, to promote industrial innovation, reduce disputes.During the interview, many bankers have said that Yuan is in the whirlpool, both inside and outside China is how to ensure a balanced, approach and avoidance, how to balance between short-term growth and long-term interests, was a severe test. Improper disposal is very likely to cause severe damage to China's real economy. "We must always be ready to ' fight ' mental preparedness and strategy preparation. "When commenting on this" putting yourself down

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