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cooperation on we for, has not small of challenge, but

He said that, in fact, the Li Ning company starting from the cooperation with xinbayewa, they want to expand in track and field, track and field, after all, is the mother of the movement, especially the hundred meters, is the absolute King of all proje   new balance 574 womenct. "We never had a chance, until recently began to contact with Powell. "Official CB think and Trapeze signed, for Lee Ning company for absolute is a challenge," I knows, athletes of muscle are has power stereotypes, they actually tries to new brand of wishes is unlikely to, this cooperation on we for, has not small of challenge, but

we domestic has is big of technology team, also has abroad of designers team, can in short four months in the development transfer Powell satisfaction of p   new balance 420 mensroducts, I absolute very not easy. ”Launches Shang, Lee Ning company gift to Powell of running shoes is specifically for Trapeze custom of running shoes, it has by tough durable of single layer network lattice material made of super light vamp, and used TPU stacks layer slivers technology to in key parts strengthened support and posted feet performance, makes runs no burden, and for Powell in starting Shi towing toe of athletic habits, in ran soles Department he towing toe of parts deliberately strengthened has guojiao of fitting degrees, enhanced has

spikes of performance, reduces soles and runway Zhijian of reverse traction."I have not used in official matches this pair of shoes, but in training I've tried, I feel very good, Li-Ning is a great brand, opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Li Ning lit the main torch pictures in my memory, I think not all of us can point the torch. I would also like to support from the Li Ning, run faster, go farther, my goal is to do the best they can, and as Jamaica's capital to participate in the 2012 London Olympics! "

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