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production base. But since last year, with the accelerated pace of Yuan appreciation, textile and fast road, shengze town, in the small and medium enterprises gather spun a Avenue Road, shengze town, traffic is no longer, could see one or two cars went wide Street, an enterprise factory door shut, from outside to inside the fence,  new balance 999 womens     the workshops of the factory was empty, seems to have been discontinued. Factory guards told reporters that the factory has closed. Companies such as in the way more than this one, in a plant not far from empty. Silk Sheng how large were hit, now how many businesses are forced to close? Reporters in Wujiang textile industry Chamber of Commerce understands that a staggering figure. Textile industry Chamber of Commerce Vice President Miao

Hangen: "shut down hundreds of homes. ” Miao Hangen Vice President said, at present discontinued SMEs accounted for one-third of the total number of SMEs, these enterprises are a single product, is relatively small. Miao Hangen: "the likelihood of survival is more difficult. ” Haven't entered the textile enterprises of the door, reporters will be able to feel the impact of depression in the textile industry brings to Wujiang local, if not seen  new balance 576 mens, it is difficult to imagine the flourishing silk, should become so cold? For a long time, textile and garments are the top-selling Chinese goods, but how do these textile enterprises in Wujiang will not open anymore? Going into a corporate look. Due to worried discontinued of news outgoing to Bank to recovered loan, local

discontinued of SMEs are refused to accept reporter of interview, for, reporter found has a also in production of small textile enterprise--Han pass textile, and many discontinued of SMEs compared to, hantong of days to slightly than point, but status also not optimistic, General Manager Qian Aling told reporter, in Yuan constantly appreciation, export rebate constantly cut of situation Xia, they of profit space has increasingly small. Wujiang silk jet weaving factory General Manager Qian Aling Han Tong: "exports now go on like this, sure others you told me to do what I want to do, you make no profits, what to do. ” Not only profit margins being squeezed, and because of the unclear prospect of renminbi appreciation, a couple of days ago, Qian Aling just

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