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high-end of, and intensive, and brand of

patents. This year, the city's light industry will overcome the slowdown of world economy and trade, more foreign anti-dumping cases, pressures such as rising labor costs, restructuring efforts and breakthrough of independent innovation and energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve new breakthroughs in the   asics gel saga mens   development of circular economy. I city light industry will focus in intensity big, and resources and energy big of industry for structure adjustment, further eliminated behind of capacity, and production process and equipment, constantly improve products quality and grade, gradually achieved growth way of change; and to technology innovation for core drive force, guide industry to high-end of, and intensive, and brand of

development, accelerated advance new industrialization process, especially full using high-tech and advanced applies technology transformation traditional of light especially high pollution, and high energy enterprise, Development of core and key   mens asics gel lyte v technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The city will also promote light industries and implement energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerating the development of recycling economy. In key industries, areas and carrying out pilot projects on circular economy of the industrial park to encourage business-cycle production, promotion of industry circulation combined. While, to energy, and

section material, and water for focus, in-depth carried out resources save, real grasping paper, and liquor, and beer, and starch, and daily glass, focus industry energy standard of implementation, towards full reached related standard; Active carried out resources utilization technology and products of development, vigorously development new energy and can renewable energy March 19, Annunciation bird issued on change funds uses bulletin: plans for investment suit project and shirt project of raised funds total 96.04 million Yuan, Instead used to buy Shanghai bird dress limited 80% equity, savings to be used to supplement working capital. "The acquisition of silver

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