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overall influence, has no single country can

accessories creates a strong demand. Status: three categories of driving industry development Accessories from the current industry situation, zippers, linings and buttons are the three main categories of development and the role of, looms large, and become the vanguard of fashion accessories industry, stimulate the development of the entire accessory industry. 60% of the world's zippers are all made in China Although zip is a small industry, but it is a technical industry concentration is very high.  new balance 1500 cheap     At present, China has become the world's largest producer of zips. According to statistics, the zipper more than 60% all over the world are made in China. "China zipper industry's international competitiveness and overall influence, has no single country can

replace." 2006 zipper production reached 28 billion meters, the sales value of 30 billion yuan. Zipper was in one of the top ten most influential invention of mankind, at present, this product in 7 countries and two international organizations, there are over 20,000 patents, is a highly concentrated product. Zipper has existed in China for more than 70 years of history, has a higher concentration of the industry, customer satisfaction, brand reputation and international competitiveness. China has become the world zipper manufacturing center. Shaoxing Shulan knitting garments Co Ltd (hereinafter Shulan companies) without the Coster company limited (hereinafter referred to as Coster company) allows, in its processing of clothing without

permission and put up "crocodile" trademark, and paid a heavy price. Yesterday, the Shaoxing city intermediate people's Court sentenced them to immediately cease the infringement and compensate to Coster company 200,000 yuan. La Coster in   discount new balance kids   1933 in France was established. Back in 1933, the company in France registered a crocodile logo, approved the use of commodities as clothing, shirt, etc. More than 70 years, "crocodile" brand apparel and products gained high popularity and reputation in the world, the "crocodile" trademark has been registered in 192 countries, has been the exclusive right. In China, the Lakota at the company since 1980 in a different product category apply to the China's state trademark office and graphic trademark

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