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China and Hong Kong media reports, markor international sports

Recently, the financial Web site in China and Hong Kong media reports, markor international sports brand has adopted public hearing is planned for February 2010 listed, the listed time to prepare before the lunar new year,   air max lunar uk     also means that a possible listing in February 14, hearing the news, appear on market time early in February.Markor international released preliminary offering documents show, markor International is expected to   air max humara sale  end of December 2009, consolidated net profit of not less than 90.6 million Yuan (RMB, same below), and by the end of September 2009, and 9-month net profit of 57.87 million Yuan, up 22.63% from the same period of 2008, earnings rise year by year 14.18% to 348 million Yuan.


In addition, Meike's total gross profit margin from 26.9% in 2006, increasing to 9 months ended September 30, 2009 of 33.5%. The company    air max 1 sale   estimates that around 2.5 million dollars in capital expenditure between 2009 and the year, primarily as a shanxia town mountain is located in Fujian province Quanzhou xiacun Foundation building and site formation works for production.   air max 90 womens   September 30, 2009, Meike asset-liability ratio stood at 34.8%, compared to 32.1% in the end of December 2008. Total cost of raw materials up to the 2006, 2007, 2008, and 52%, and 50.7% for the year, down to 36.6% for the 9 months ended September 30, 2009.


It is understood that Meike engaged in the production and marketing of casual sportswear products, including footwear and clothing, with hundreds of thousands    air max 95 sale  of square meters of production area, with annual production capacity of sports and leisure shoes, millions of pairs of focus on two or three lines of urban development of the retail network, covering 22 provinces and exported to Germany, and Switzerland and the Netherlands, and France, dozens of countries and regions.

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