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City team cooperation is entered professional football supplies

cooperation time for August 2010 to May 2015, special step to Birmingham global company paid 90 million Hong Kong dollar, while provides value 10 million Hong Kong dollar of "BCFC-Xtep" brand movement clothing,    nike free 4.0 v3 uk    if Birmingham City team obtained participate in British Crown, and Premiership Alliance, and foot total Cup, and Carling Cup final and the UEFA Cup final, extra cost of HK $ 800,000 ~500 million sponsorship.Football has always been dominated by adidas for the 2006 World Cup, football items for sale only,     nike free trainer 5.0 v4 uk   adidas sales exceed 1.2 billion euros, about 12 billion yuan, while xtep 2008 full year revenue was 2.867 billion dollars, adidas soccer fields occupy an absolute advantage. Vice President of xtep Ye Qi of the China business news said, this does not


mean that extra step and other domestic sports goods manufacturers have no chance.Ye Qi told reporters: "adidas also committed an error, due to overly optimistic estimates of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games after the sporting goods market,       nike free run 2 sale   2009 adidas scrambling to clean up inventory at a discount, discounts range up to 30 percent, Li Ning, the annual sales income has been (24.95,0.00,0.00%   nike free run 3 uk, economic access real-time quotes) (02331.HK) exceeded. Adidas ' error means that domestic companies a chance. "Ye Qi think, adidas is is powerful, but other enterprise can through" soil Wolf tactical "gradually eroded it of market, that in football team, and football stars and football events resources Shang little advance, adidas impossible eat Xia all team, and stars and events, special step


and Birmingham City team cooperation is entered professional football supplies market of first step, special step will and increasingly more of international first-class football team, and stars cooperation.Sharp step is adidas fashion     nike free 3.0 v5 uk   movement products of main platform one, but data displayed, sharp step 2009 three quarter of sales compared declined 12% around, to reverse around, recently sharp step announced and luxury fashion brand Giorgio Armani cooperation launched products, Ye Qi said: "sharp step was adidas acquisition yihou, faced of a fundamental problem is this brand after all not adidas hand training up of, so in adidas this stars ' tree ' Xia, sharp step this tree ' grass ' to growth hard. ”

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