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In 2004, Li Ning products research and Development

Maite·ruikesi---Warner Brothers movie prop. In addition, the Portland Design Center Office, Li Ning has signed NBA star, balangdaiweisi, pole vault Queen Yelena isinbayeva saw two sports star endorsements right. In October     adidas porsche trainers uk    2009, the Li Ning at the Portland Museum's "ChinaDesignNow" show, Li-Ning brand's "Lei Feng", "country land is red" and "mountain" three pairs of shoes turned out---in the birthplace of Nike on the    adidas basket profi low uk   concept, showing Chinese sports brand designs, no doubt of the significance of the milestone.Now, Li-Ning Portland opened its first stores outside of the Asian market and compete directly with international brands such as Nike and adidas.


A similar process also occurs in Hong Kong, China. In 2004, Li Ning products research and Development Centre in Hong Kong, leading badminton products,  adidas superstar 2 uk    until today, opening in select invited audience stars stopIn order to expand overseas markets, it is learned that Li-Ning plans in South-East Asia, opened for a short time 70~100 badminton equipment stores, planned around 2014 United States     adidas originals zx 700 uk   market cake bigger, strive to 2018 to become one of the world's top five brand, then 20% per cent of its revenue from overseas markets. Chinese shoe network on January 18, according to the latest Commerce Department data show that is expected to increase in 2009, China's total retail sales of social consumer goods will create the


highest growth since 1986, consumption's contribution to the economic growth rate will be about 51%. Investment, consumption and export has always been as a troika pulling China's economic development, but in recent years only export one outshines, while    adidas js wings 2.0 uk   consumption is shrinking year by year, so expanding domestic consumption, increase the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate is the Government's goal of economic restructuring. For many years, consumption has always been a short Board in the Chinese economy, consumption share of GDP is only more than 30%, far below the level of 70% of Europe and the United States. However, in 2009, this situation has led to a change, China's GDP

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