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the Chinese market is looking for a club, always a voting

CCTV sports resources in excess, and the limited broadcast hours. And in roughly the same time period in the Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie a broadcasting contract has been updated to the CCTV, in the case of no second open    nike air max 90 cheap       access broadcast platform, CCTV could not withstand each round 10 matches in the Premiership, even if not do live 5 per round. Even at the cost of squeezing out the Bundesliga, each live 5, CCTV also need every game sold 500,000 yuan of advertising, can operate at approximately the same, open TV operating environment, almost impossible task.


Even Yang Jiacheng was hasty. He can find replace Yin Bao as the sponsor of Birmingham, as well as in the British media have formed a promotion round, the next 3 years, if the Premier League Birmingham if Chinese audiences see it, so how does       cheap nike air max   he with the distal end of the mainland China market to move the small Club? CCTV live Premier League rumors, sources is the Birmingham plan, China, CCTV will broadcast live for more news about season 8 League games in Birmingham,       nike air max 2013 cheap   Birmingham said that it would choose the Chinese players, copyright in the premiership but are not sure, these ideas are castles in the air. Everton to Manchester City in the Premiership on January 4, 2003 because sponsors kejian is Everton, Li tie and Sun jihai hit is packaged as "China Derby", was broadcast live on CCTV, United


Kingdom rating data is circulating in the appalling 300 million, but there is no long-term media and audience attention, Everton and Manchester City in China still is not red, not black.Birmingham need open communication in mainland China in the Premiership,    nike air max 95 sale   four clubs a greater need, or Manchester United, "there are 300 million Red Devils fans in China" argument, ridiculous day by day. Just the Premier League sold overseas copyrights, 20 clubs who vote do not have access to     nike air max 1 cheap   a simple majority, copyright will be forever in the Premiership will be cash on the eyeballs of small clubs before the kidnapping, while Giants and Birmingham by Association of China, the Chinese market is looking for a club, always a voting minority.

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