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this is a good thing. In fact, Nike, ADIDAS,

I am interested in this question, the objection "catch-up" formulation is inappropriate, even before this issue "China" geographic limits. Financial crisis brought the international sportswear brand suffered a number of setbacks    womens nike blazer high    it is true. Local sports brand in China under the environment of the market is firm, continued to March, this is a good thing. In fact, Nike, ADIDAS, etc also achieved positive growth in China, the negative situations     nike cortez trainers uk    you mentioned above are just a few areas, is not universal. Nike, ADIDAS and so on sales remains in a leading position in China, which has been the market leader! After a period of adjustment and external economic conditions pick up, they are still strong. In the global


market, local sports brands and more than an order of magnitude. "Catch-up" this word to be misleading.Fact, there an opportunity not a turning point,       nike blazers salebusiness critical and do their own, good internal strength is more important. At the same time, taking into account the interests of dealers and difficulty     nike blazers for men understand with "lips" relationships between, improving dealer business management capabilities. Finally, at any time, must be taken by a variety of methods to reduce inventory.Local sports brand "catch-up" international brand, it's going to be a lot of propositions.


8, listed in this wave of boomers, views were expressed that, sportswear brand is pioneer, 361 degrees, and Pico listing is completed, Quanzhou IPO rush will temporarily become a paragraph in the sportswear brand, closely followed by the clothing enterprise's    womens nike blazer low collective force. For this, what do you think?On this forecast, I am positive.I personally think that sportswear industry maturity around 5 years earlier than men. In fact, and sports brands like, Quanzhou has also focused on a number of well-known garment enterprises, like seven wolves, Lee lang, joeone, jinba, dressed in seven brand clothes, love, Tiger and so on, also some casual clothing brand.

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