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according to the prospectus disclosed that the

women shoe sales statistics show, Saturday ranked third in sales, although after Saturday ahead of Belle and Daphne, "but Belle and Daphne are clearly big brother status, can only be called brother on Saturday, still needs to work harder to catch up. "Textile and garment industry analyst at haitong securities's Chih hang think so. air max light uk   According to Belle, Daphne's announcement the two companies as of June 30, 2009, on the Chinese mainland, Belle brands footwear retailers there are 5,730, Daphne's total of 3,798 stores and counters. In addition, the two companies have other brands of agent. In contrast, currently has a total of 1311 stores on Saturday. To open a new store, into the stores and can lead to long ageing Saturday, according to the prospectus disclosed that the

company's 2008 "receivable turnover ratio" was 5.07, 0.13 per cent below 2007, at a relatively low level in the industry. "Turnover" in 2007 to 2.77 per cent to 1.73. In this regard, Li Zhixian, guotai Junan Analyst believes that higher numbers in recent years mainly due to new stores, a large number of stores opened that year operating for less than 12 months  air max 97 uk, but still need to follow the normal stock levels, leading to "inventory" down. While "receivable turnover ratio" differences with other companies, Li Zhixian thought, mainly because of differences in sales channels. Proprietary department store Saturday "shop in shop"-based sales model, revenue, collect by shopping malls, Department stores with checkout and payment to the company requires a certain amount of time, and therefore will have a certain amount of the receivable, resulting in low

company accounts receivable turnover ratio. In contrast, Belle international due to a higher proportion of self-employed independent shop on Saturday, accounts receivable turnover ratio is correspondingly higher. First channel, or the brand? Maybe he sees himself with the first two "big brother" gap "holding on Saturday," Vice Chairman Yu Hongtao, on September 3, said the listing of the company: to raise money, "Chief among them an investment and is chain-scale expansion. We plan to use the funds raised to 900 additional brand chain stores, these stores are located in malls throughout the country. ” According to the prospectus of the company, "shoe distribution chains extending technological transformation projects," investments approximately 76% per cent of total investment. Asia footwear Association Secretary-General Lan Xuanpu believes that sells

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