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in this age of retro elegance, textured pair of beautiful shoes can al

Bally selected natural materials, strong, beautiful and wise features combined with the surreal art sculptures, footwear series this season once again ladies and gentlemen's dream. Bally spring/summer 11 collection captures the joy of spring, fashionable modern high heel shoes of peace, various colors of sharkskin strap Sandals used as material. <a href="">womens nike free 3.0 v4</a>Flat ballet shoes are a fusion of different materials, to express women's elegant, delicate and young side. Details in addition to emphasizing the sense of metal and skin the color of weaving technology, also used the traditional brogueing Bally men series mode and reference the Bally chic old shoes.

Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) 2011 spring summer new shoes shoe with machine theme is full romantic of natural breath, wheat decorative in shoes of ankle Department, heel with not rules of vine vine plant instead of, shoes tip stay gorgeous of butterfly, large of snake grain and tropical plant leaves decorative let strong of "hate days high" full graceful of cents trace breath, let you in bustling of city in the seemed body in spring Yang so no pollution of pure world. Why retro fashion historal circle it? Why it's unique flavor and texture make lots and lots of ladies in droves. Both the winter and the spring and summer, retro styling of the big fashion brands to attract people's attention, be sure to let the fad spread indefinitely. So, in this age of retro elegance, <a href="">nike free run womens</a>textured pair of beautiful shoes can also bring out the slightest nostalgia and elegance.


Digby shoes Gommino popular series continued in spring summer 2011, metallic leather, colourful variety of materials, such as suede and rare crocodile leather, available in various color options available connectivity. On a colorful suede Ballerina Ballet flat shoes with silver lace, classic style more characteristic. And like It girl, It bag "It" shoes are an essential part of the runway on a quarterly highlights, shoes are no longer under our supporting cast, but the girl turned things around and to decide the overall image of "the boss"! For example this season for Louis Vuitton, Dior, represented by Deco, as a general intention to create art-shoes-beaded tassels, zebras and giraffes feet, feathers tile Ribbon, were different. Kenzo and Fendi led tiles, the founder of the Palm profile, interesting colors and materials in accordance with the proportion-shedder, reminiscent of childhood building blocks and jigsaw puzzle, artistic and fun loud furnace.
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