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Anta will shift production to lower-cost regions

response to the price hike in raw materials issues, thereby reducing labor costs. In addition, the peak will be in heze city, Shandong will invest, in resolving the employment pressure in the North area at the same time, share some logistical pressures.Addition to the peak, and ANTA (ANTA stores) (02020,HK), recent moves frequently. On May 13, during a fair in Chengdu, Zheng Jie, Anta brand Chief Executive revealed to the media,   cheap asics gel kinsei 5   Anta will shift production to lower-cost regions. Anta Group Vice President Lai Shixian to Anhui Province the same day anfeng (anfeng stores) visits

the town, understanding industrial park, anfeng, as well as in secondary technical schools. In addition to Anhui, Anta consider areas also include the Henan and other places.In addition, at the beginning of May, adidas (adidas store) announced that Western Headquarters in Chengdu office. Group Managing Director of adidas greater China General Manager Gao Jiali (ColinCurrie) that the market is the focus group to win the region in Western China.

As early as a few years ago, local brands, "boss," Li Ning (Li Ning stores) (02331,HK) has begun in the Midwest layouts. In 2008, the Li Ning in jingmen  discount nike air yeezy 2, Hubei invested in building industrial park, Li-Ning. In December last year, with an annual output of 10 million sets of athletic apparel processing projects commissioned in Zhongxiang, Hubei Province, producer for the company's clothing core suppliers. Guo Jianxin, Li-Ning's chief operating officer said, by the end of this year, Li-Ning 30% production will be in Hubei.

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