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customer demand to tap into business opportunities.

So how do you develop reproducible expansion mode? Studies have found that expanding into adjacent markets in the formula of success, nearly 80% is based on customer behavior insight. Business to customer preferences and economic context the more you know, the more you can find untapped business opportunities. From Dell  new balance 999 womens, United States express, and STMicroelectronics's case can be summarized to explore business opportunities in three ways: firstly, customer segmentation and secondly, increase wallet share, and sell related products to familiar customers; and, third, track customer expansion plans and forecasts of customer demand to tap into business opportunities.

Replicable models of successful business experience spelled out the two main principles: first, expansion into adjacent areas, only built around strong core business are likely to succeed. Second, the best way to look for opportunities for expansion into neighbouring areas, starting with heavyweight clients from enterprise.In other words, expansion of  new balance 576 mens the secret of success is: understand customer behavior, and follows the familiar ways development of new business "Chinese shoes network-branded watch" meet with Hou Chaohui is difficult, he do not like publicity and

very busy. Now his shoulders again tease 361 degrees task of corporate culture, he had combed out four years ago, "integrity, pragmatic, collaborative, and efficient" spirit of enterprise halves, facing a new breakthrough and extends, faced with a fresh concept of blood filling. At a time of change, Hou Chaohui days combing the halves of the enterprise culture, and the role of enterprise culture in enterprise development, and he agreed with mixed feelings.361 degrees international limited Vice President Hou Chaohui"Weed culture" calls for halvesHou Chaohui 2006 starting 361 degrees, at 361-culture is very mixed, company executives

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