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management capacity, and supply

could design more than 5,000 more new, every day there are dozens of new releases. In plain it is in diverse styles, followed the trend of the brand image can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. For current clothing market of competition situation, forward network senior industry researcher Gao Xiaoshi analysis pointed out that, native leisure clothing brand enterprise of advantage is more understanding native consumers of needs,  air max light uk   and more familiar native commercial environment of operation mode, and more rich of channel based and more widely of masses based, especially II, and three or four line city, above advantage more highlight; certainly, native enterprise in overall brand operations, and retail management capacity, and supply

chain efficiency and resources integration capacity aspects and abroad giant also has is big of gap. Gao Xiaoshi believes that casual wear industry might win in the future to local firms, mainly from two aspects: first, product positioning, targeting, or channel position fully with international brands differentiate the company; the second is already a good basis of brand, channel, and system and adapt to industry competition continue t  air max 97 uk    o take the initiative for innovation and innovation companies. Adoption brings glimmers In this year's 22nd China International clothing and accessories fair, the "q", "Wolf family" launched one of today's hottest O2O online and offline interaction patterns, their offline business opportunities combined with the Internet, makes the

Internet a offline payment reception. Redcollar group with large data based on the customized services, remote services, so that "enjoy customized" possible. Youngor select shows in a more simple and direct form of brand strength, youngor, Chairman Li Rugang, said on March 20, the first-quarter report, sales increased to 5% last year, overall optimism. Bean said that brands wish to integrate external resources, buy high-end menswear brand abroad, which have an advantage over to create a, it can be said that current clothing brand in China is to take a long-term look at market itself to strategic thinking, to adapt to changes in the labour market. It is understood that another well-known local brand "the beautiful Tess nation prestige" the orders last year, while a

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