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reached maximum degree reduced

purchase is not the first time, there is the possibility of never going to buy, you're left with a small amount of undesirable products stay in the end of season or discounts. According to statistics, discounts on average accounted for all of the two products total number of 15% to 18%, only about half of the competitors. Both broke the qualifying of the season for traditional clothing industry, will continue to launch new products in the same quarter.   air max humara uk   This will certainly attract consumers around the store desires. "Also, ZARA, and H&M, market information systems very powerful, even each stores a a goods of real-time inventory data are can synchronization displayed in headquarters of market analysis sector", Shen Meng think, in according to real-time sales data, fast allocated each stores related goods of number, makes its reached maximum degree reduced

inventory backlog, and funds occupy of status, while, these real-time sales data, also can for customer consumption habits and preference of analysis, and quickly and trustee production enterprise for production arrangements or adjustment, So their entire business chain is always in real-time dynamic adjustment of status, avoiding the unmarketable goods and other unnecessary costs on business health damage. Turn on old clothing recommendations   air max wright uk Provide retail services "The international ' fast fashion ' brands related stores, such as MANGO, closed dozens of" culture, closing surge is the result of survival of the fittest. Roll over plan culture believes that these old clothing brands to give consumers all channels of retail services, O2O is that sales of the new

business model, companies targeting this evolutionary upgrade, products will cater to the changes in consumer behavior and change. Such as old branding for ages, is as out of step with the emerging consumer products and marketing, O2O closer to the consumer, more comprehensive analysis of the data, with more advanced business ideas. "However, O2O slow, everyone is learning on the job", culture view, like Smith Barney initiated O2O transition plans, but are under financial pressure, how wired online problems together, it will consider human resources, supply, management and other aspects of work. "ZARA, and H&M, brand full straight camp, beauty State, leisure clothing to joined mainly; former shop big, and more category, and supermarket mode;

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