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store information through layer after layer

forward higher requirements, ONLY, ESPRIT and other brands now difficult to do. Are the so-called main propelled, unresponsive to new changes, and partly also because of the old fast fashion – caused by accumulation of deep in the Chinese market for many years formed the high rents, multi-tier reseller system, makes it even after being aware of market risk, it i   air max 2013 cheap    s difficult to quickly respond to the decision. 3.jpg A domestic garment enterprises executives had told reporters that meddling in its headquarters to store, store fine management, has become a trend. But on the one hand, most of the company's organizational structure complex, Headquarters directives cannot be timely communicated to the stores, store information through layer after layer

of reporting to Headquarters has become old news. The other hand, to find the sales of store items, a salesperson needs to update the sales information for the first time to the computer. But the current situation is, most of the sales staff will be separated for days or even weeks before any data can be gathered and reported. Currently can do stores responding quickly, but several such as UNIQLO and ZARA. Headquarters store "beyond reach" one important reason is that the garment enterprise is by joining in the past. Extensive franchise mode, the relationship between brands and dealer relationship formed just wholesale, in addition to some sales requirements, headquarters of the franchisee is not much discipline. ONLY, Robert Iger, ESPRIT as early rapid expansion

franchise model, now faces "great ship turn-around" dilemma. In fact, the three companies have been gradually start a channel "to join". From 2009, the bestseller fashion group began reducing the number of franchisees, increasing the proportion of direct store.  air max 90 cheap Public figures, 2008-2010, bestseller stores share declined more rapidly from 50% to 28%. Bestseller fashion group executives said the direct proportion of the future is expected to rise to 90%. Magang pointed out that Iger and ESPRIT has been adjusted in recent years the proportion of the stores. His cases also indirectly proves the point of contact to his friend in the city of Yibin in Sichuan province opened two shoes, at the same time expanding the scope of fighting on several women's clothing brand franchise opportunity, inquiries later found women's clothing brands have not attracted to join,

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