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the Mall and then go online to find,

News Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) fell in after-hours trading to $ 38.78, down 5.34% day close of $ 40.97. By brand, Gap gap flagship brand May decline, same-store sales recorded a decline of 7%, Banana Repulic also slipped, 7%, cheap brand Old Navy Old Navy for 7% growth, surpassing analysts ' forecast of 1.1%. All three brands are less than a year. Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) gap CEO Glenn Murphy said in a statement, "Although the Gap and  air max classic bw sale Banana Repulic June results were weaker, we will continue to focus on the upcoming fall achieved better results. ” In the first five weeks ended July 5, annual net sales of the group rose 1% to us $ 1.54 billion, US $ 1.53 billion for the same period last year. "Nice clothes on I used to go to the Mall and then go online to find,

there is now a virtual fitting room, I just can according to their own dresses online to decide whether to buy, feeling quite fresh. "A Miss Wang who worked for the advertising agency said. Shopping online and offline shopping the biggest gap is the customer experience. With the popularity of online shopping, many people are complaining that the purchase of inappropriate clothes don't fit, style, and so on. For now, fast fashion brand UNIQLO takes the lead in   nike air yeezy 2 sale   line virtual fitting system began to offline store "learn", trying to improve the user experience and sense of freshness. Quick fashion pushing a virtual fitting room Recently, a number of avid online customers at opening official flagship of the fast fashion brand UNIQLO shop, at Home--found a

new on virtual fitting room. UNIQLO's virtual dressing room, you can select one and you are close to the model, and then, just click on the model to various parts of the body, it can be "replaced" different styles of clothing. "Online shopping is very good, but because you cannot try to buy desirable size, and style, is very risky. "Xu still in University, usually most of the clothes were purchased on-line. However, some think the UNIQLO virtual fitting room is a chicken. "Virtual dressing room models are standard height, but I'm too fat, it's hard to see that dress looks beautiful on my. "Edit Miss Chen of UNIQLO's virtual dressing room was not good enough," if we can according to your body with clothes, people, when net purchases of non-standard height

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