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Megan also increase the investment

arket, and according to latest market making changes to styles than before will be more casual and stylish. "Take Xiamen for example, early last year 1, and now is home to 8, Tongan these days will add 1. Shishi is home to 4 early last year, and now it is 7, there are still 1 in preparation. "Megan Chairman Secretary Xiao Yongqi said. It is understood that Megan's order will have achieved very good results last year, effects in embodying this year,  air max classic bw uk   and by August, the company's overall sales increased by 30%. That became Megan's confidence in accelerating channel expansion. To tie in with the company's channel strategy, Megan also increase the investment

aspects of information management and enterprise culture construction, do the work of defence. According to reports, Megan introduced the distribution system since last year, corporate management to information technology. "Distribution system, allows headquarters to rapidly understand product sales, grasp the pulse of fashion, to grasp market trends much more quickly, so that has the very big help to management's decision-making. We staff   air max 95 360 uk   conduct information management concepts, professional training institution, please according to the company, to develop a training system for all employees. "Xiao Yongqi said that corporate information management makes Megan more accurate grasp of fashion, fashion and leisure products more in

line with the latest market trends, to boost sales. Late in the expansion, Megan shop image varies, lanhuihui revealed to the author, the new shop will be unveiled in mid-September on the orders of. "This year was a year of wheat root achieved leapfrog development. After many years of accumulation and precipitation, Megan will be the new image appears in front of consumers. "Lanhuihui said. Outdoor systems (XOPT-Outdoor Protective Technology) is mobigarden and development of patented technology, greatly enhance the outdoor product technology content and quality beyond challenge. Mobigarden brands with eight-year history, in terms of product development and innovation, has been trying to create a variety of weather conditions, and

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