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"Management has emerged as a test lion important criteria f

Focused fashion hot spot opens up slippers blue seaIn gearboxes of shoes industry market tide in, slippers often to a lazy, and hard log unfit for of Visual effect penetration to industry people of concept in, but as nowadays  air max lunar uk   shoes class trend diversified and city leisure of trend of development, slippers increasingly to more new of face rendering in consumption groups of vision in, and gradually dump has traditional home image of hat, focused City fashion crowd of era taste, expansion out slippers consumption of new market Blue Ocean. Looking footwear brand, slippers are members of the industry will give the "shoe third pole"     air max humara saleconcept of instantaneous quietly sounded the Horn in the era of the brand innovation, speed and refinement in the posture aimed at the consumer end, force landing areas at home and abroad, opened up new blue sea of slippers to

high-end development.Dongguan footwear needs to speed the transition to crack the wave legendMajor media in the closure of important layout and period to    air max 1 sale clarify rumors. Report concludes, the Pearl River Delta, including Dongguan did not "wave" footwear SMEs, such as the profit squeeze, production and operation difficulties, but shoes and dress in Dongguan is stepping up its transformation and upgrading in order to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, extricating the broken.     air max 90 womensOverall, the Dongguan as well as optimization of investment structure, indicating the continued upgrading of industrial structure.Site management" booster footwear enterprises of fine new breakthrough

"Management has emerged as a test lion important criteria for footwear businesses", walked into the lion's major footwear enterprises, to the scene to be seen by all kinds of tips, flashes of yellow line shop is divided into multiple zones, piled with raw       air max 95 sale materials, semi-finished products and finished products are uniform in their respective regions. After a long "5S" management, the company's factory has changed dramatically, the company Manager, told reporters at the scene, "as footwear enterprises management awareness significantly increased, and site management as a critical management issue caused a widespread footwear enterprises concerned".

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