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only imitate, you can only mark, brand is the product's life. Change "OEM" mode is the time. The late 90 's, a new era of branding, Enterprise-the original production capacity rapidly into the basis for brand management. Some companies try to use profits to subsidize the branding operation of processing, "walking on two legs", reduce market and operational risks, go to "brand placement and processing of" new stage of both. In 1999,  air max plus cheap Anta first Kong Linghui as spokesman, fired the first shot enter the domestic market, and brand effect state. Since then, the shoe have turned domestic market, many stars have also come, about 40 brands get together, set off a vigorous campaign to shock within and outside the industry. Zhihou, Jinjiang from sneakers into sneaker

brand, its production base, brand strategies to achieve brilliant results. According to statistics, the domestic shoes market today, there are about 80% brand from Jinjiang.ANTA (China) Ding zhizhong, President believes that beginning in 2000, Jinjiang shoe just got a real understanding of self brand building, mass licensing campaigns really starts, is boosting the manufacturing industry clusters to the global brand of Jinjiang cluster transition. Jinjiang has emerged in dozens of national brands, becoming the top brand in focus, has created amazing development miracles in the world. So far, won the well-known trademarks in China, 19 Chinese sneaker brand 9 and 54 national inspection-free product, size, brand accounts for over half the country.    cheap nike air yeezy On March 19, 2001, Jinjiang, China Institute for leather and footwear industry, 4 institutions, named "China's

shoe". Footwear shoes material market development also led the region's prosperity. Chendai Jinjiang footwear Center formed a several-kilometre-long "shoe Street" set of shoe industry raw materials such as wholesale, retail and shoe machine exhibition as a whole, attracts Korea, and Italy, and Australia, and Argentina, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other business operators from more than 30 countries and regions, annual trading volume exceeding 2 billion yuan. At present, a total investment of 185 million Yuan Chen Dai shoe material trading market in speeding up the construction. Licensing campaign promoting the expansion spurt of Jinjiang sports shoes brands in the country. A number of major brand enterprises in medium and large cities with over 2000 outlets throughout the country. Brand stores into favorable positions of Jinjiang

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