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the sunshine road. Corresponding with is that these

original market compete with these giants, and still avoid the shock of battle, drove to the Township to store? In this decision, some small and medium sports brands Jinjiang chose the latter. Good news is that in this field in battle for channel sinks to be fired, Jinjiang channels for small and medium sports brands in addition to a clear strategy, also has to match the product strategy. In other words, what kind of shops that sell the kind of goods, the growing movement of Jinjiang brand has a pretty good idea. Stores open to towns Jinjiang sports   air max 2013 cheap, brand central shopping district, Guang Lu, to some extent, all sports brand "the wind blows" you are able to just hundreds of metres from the long way to look out for. Just shortly after the Chinese new year, three small and medium sports brands have closed its store in the sunshine road. Corresponding with is that these

brands in the South, traditional channels such as Anxi of blind set off a vigorous "enclosure" movement: one store after another in these parts of town opened up channels for small and medium sports brands a more pragmatic policy quietly has been implemented at home ... ... "A case study of Jinjiang, Guang Lu, Tong membership class of the secondary market of Bank Street shopping district. In this district we did not live a comfortable life: high terminal cost, profitability is difficult to achieve, these are shoulder the burden of pressure in a growing brand .  air max 90 cheap   "Ye (China) tonytian, Marketing Director with a wry smile," and all sorts of pressures, many of these growing sportswear brand in the domestic market two or three line district shop, bigger and stronger is easier said than done? ” In view of these small and medium sports brands, where one or two line

sport brand after years of painstaking efforts in the domestic market to establish a solid two or three lines of "barriers", together with Nike, adidas put into China's second and third tier, is predictable, in this market, a fierce competition and price war will unfold. In the midst of this war without smoke, small and medium sports brands living space has been almost buried, if it is to remain in the market, the end result may just become a victim of the war. "Now that survived is the hard truth, we have no need to bite the bullet and just hang in the secondary market's core business district. "Tonytian outspoken yeli will continue to be second-tier cities to high ground, creating regional brand, but at the same time, wild force also County market channels branch into rural markets, through the listing of second generation of breathable shoes bring more sales of

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