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the NBA David Stern previously alluded to, a suit that advertising can not talk on his chest, but he is the psychological threshold of $ 20 million per team per year.In addition, you might also consider the main stadium to the team title.    new balance 620 ukToyota gave the rockets a few years ago the main stadium naming contract is 30 to 300 million dollars. Forwards a message, ekelahemaleiting is home to Ford (Ford shop) Center looking for a new name, Chinese sports brands if you are interested in, you can contact.

In addition, the team is also good business, last year, Russia's richest man, Prokhorov's tenure the nets, 80% stake in the team and arena "bakelisi Center" 45%   new balance 595 ukshares put together, spent a total of $ 200 million.To sum up, put your business on the NBA in this mall, it doesn't have to be hundreds of millions of dollars worth of. This is also reason why domestic brands like NBA star endorsements.Said the earliest the idea of domestic brands, should be regarded as ANTA. 2002 battle Anta NBA,2003 year sign battle endorse the expedition, which in the NBA game, had crossed the ANTA

shoes, but later it was said that the shoes in a Charity Bazaar was smart (smart stores) people took away, the price is about more than 500 Yuan.After that, until 2005, is a strong local brand "Sub-" sign a retired NBA star, known as "East Jordan, xideleikesile" of "gliders" Drexler, and signing time is two years, the effect is unknown.In late 2005, Pico added, rocket arena sponsor, putting their billboards on the NBA game. Soon thereafter, Li (Li Ning stores) sign dameng?qiongsi at the beginning of 2006, Neill as well as Hayes, peak signed at that time "seven dreams" of battier. Star Wars, had begun.

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