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still does not make sense. ”But if Li Ning could one day do the

spokespersons, Chinese enterprises even have Money couldn't reach such advantages, it is almost impossible to rely on their own efforts to reverse. "Liu Lide said.These are not hongxin question. He was convinced that, even if Nike cut, it is  nike air force 1 low uk only a tactical, rather than strategic, leaving Li Ning, it is not simply a simple chance. "Like my shoe, United States market price is $ 120, but prices in China, from 1180 to 1490, endurance high price seems to have been in touch. As long as it exists, even if the Terminal price, still does not make sense. ”But if Li Ning could one day do the

same-priced shoes to compete or even beat Nike, hongxin feel, this remained the foreign brands develop youth flaunt psychological surrender, he    nike lunar force 1 fuse ukfelt their mood right now, sort of like "waiting for Godot", then see it had been.Li Ning for the subject, Li Ning himself in CCTV dialogue, hongxin is also at the scene, but never had a chance to ask this question now, he hoped Li Ning to be able to give a satisfactory answer.Chinese shoe network on September 26, in two or three cities to dominate among Quanzhou brand for many years apart from each other is almost head-to-head competition, will also face a new challenge.

When international brands when too busy competing for the middle class in big cities, and domestic brands rely on two or three lines quietly won the development and expansion of the urban working-class, and their "guerrilla" marketing strategy that has even changed the competition situation of Chinese sporting goods market.In fact, in addition to Li Ning, domestic consumers can call nearly all domestic sports brand name came from Quanzhou, Fujian "Jinjiang".

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