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design of passion and charm. Dong Jie show up,

sculpture, using carbon-black classic camel, earthy colors, nude-color fusion full of understated elegance. Forest (Forest Life) theme of nature's bright and angry, Jaffna Jia fu nuo, Roxton snowman, Lane lane series have forest colors, refined design details as if with nature's perfect combination of lush greenery. Northern Cowboys (NordicCowboy)   air max light uk series showed aspiration for free, with eclectic design style in Northern Europe. Clear bright, Vasto, Livingston Li Wen of giants such as shoes are typical examples. Retro shoes are worn results matching horse riding accessories design element presents a different kind of untamed. Red passion (RedPassion) themes blend of avant-garde fashion, Leticia retty, Lisbon Lisbon, Laurel Laurel, Biarritz shoes such as Leeds, Atlanta Atlanta circulated in wine-red design of passion and charm. Dong Jie show up,

complete, and there is no lack of affinity Glass slipper week awarded ECCO brand VIP customers and executives, ECCO brand week intimate photo Shortly after August 18, Beijing World Trade Center phase, traders hotel, three-tier, ECCO with its fall/winter 2011 shoes brilliant ECCO 2011 "Walk walk IN Style fashion" Conference held here in autumn and winter. "The global fashion industry one of the 25 Chinese", the local designer Wang peiyi ALEX WANG particularly with the season's major shoe-inspired design haute couture garments, put the entire show immersed in "forest life, beautiful nature, red passion and Nordic cowboy theme" trends in the Nordic world.

ECCO "walking fashion Ambassador" Grand series, as well as Wang peiyi week wear ECCO LAGRANDE ALEX WANG dress elegant appeared, as  air max 97 uk "Walk walk IN Style fashion" arena into the most shine. On the new Conference, ECCO designers, as well as the famous costume designer Wang peiyi presenting their latest series. Han Xu, mainland China's top male and female models offer a visual feast for site visitors. However, throughout his presentation, most climactic part was ECCO "walking fashion Ambassador" week appeared. When Dong Jie pedal ECCO2011 winter shoes, wore Wang peiyi newly designed clothes came out, the whole scene erupted into enthusiastic applause. Weekday gives small woman of the week on the runway really the model

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