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First quarter of the year, operating income and net

million Yuan after deducting the cost of issue of the collection of funds for "aokang International Hall" building projects. Since last year, aokang International is trying to open an international store, outlet shops. It is understood that aokang international this year about out of the more than more than 20 shops, currently amounts to more than 100 enterprises. Worth noting is that aokang international and actively promote the transformation of direct   air max light uk and major stores at present at the performance effects are not obvious, also brings more pressure to some extent. Aucom international 2013 and 2014 annual report released last month showed first-quarter in 2013, its revenue fell 19.07% to $ 2.796 billion yuan, 46.57% decline in net profit to 274 million dollars. First quarter of the year, operating income and net income fell again by 11.21% and 20.31%.

Insiders told reporters, aokang new mode called regalia including lots of brands are doing things such as Belle, namely integrated multi-brand shops, but aokang and Belle is different. Shao Ligang said aucom project the International Pavilion is "pool", but subsequent has many technical problems need to be solved: how to balance the distribution of different brands SKU space? There will be overlapping of the brand in terms of price and location problem? In addition,  air max 97 uk    the selection of such stores to shopping district is also more demanding, while the International Pavilion of the brand and the business circle also possible to mismatch the situation.Endorsement stars as the Club brand platform, it is a common thing. If the star is the current Professor stores in Asia a new generation of gods (Kim Soo-hyun), that stars fans will scream. Yesterday morning, aokang's first

O2O bare experience Museum officially open for business. Kim Soo-hyun with signature smile, and shod thee with from aokang designers team carefully tailored business fashion shoes, fans once Carnival appearances out of control. Aokang's Kim Soo-hyun first select the signed endorsement of Chinese brands, to Wenzhou is Kim Soo-hyun brand in China's debut. Wherever, the enthusiasm of fans, one side of Wang Zhentao were also deeply infected with: tens in endorsements, seems pretty worth it. 10 minutes, Kim Soo-hyun for "to be" a pair of shoes As a debut, Kim Soo-hyun has done a lot of preparatory work in advance, check out the Wenzhou Customs has strengthened Chinese learning, and even learn a few words of the Wenzhou dialect, looks very professional. Kim Soo-hyun, aokang President Wang Zhentao common to experience

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