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and Spain agent and cooperation at

LOAD MAX is an important practice on this strategy. LOAD MAX sell? LOAD MAX Xuzhou into 240 square metres of shops, the reporter noted, and past aokang shop pattern of basically all of the shoes on display in different, huge shop, in addition to the exhibition of shoes, leather goods, leather care products and shoe-related products, also covers the past rarely appear in stores for hats, scarves, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories  air max plus cheap.    LOAD MAX product brands in the store, not only of aokang group Aucamp, kanglong, fire bird, beauty, beauty brands, and that the company's happy cat, RD, GOLL (Gu Er), leather shoes and other e-commerce brand has entered the online store for the first time, achieved with the same price. Not only that, the LOAD MAX store, also sells United Kingdom CATHIRLLY scarves, hats, jewelry, and Spain agent and cooperation at

home and abroad brand products such as MARTINELLI. LOAD MAX store retails, mainly to 3,500 Yuan. Jiang Yihan said: "this fast fashion products, young people are more likely to accept. ” Close co-operation with Wanda Plaza After the introduction of LOAD MAX layouts, aokang also has a clear plan. Jiang Yihan said yesterday that the present network   cheap nike air yeezy, a one-stop, experiential shopping has become mainstream, LOAD MAX to complete the layout of the future, will be routed through the one-stop shopping experience the siege in village of SHOPMALL. In fact, the LOAD MAX has really made the breakthrough on the via SHOPMALL: Wanda Plaza, with the country's largest SHOPMALL leader--teamed up as its brand. According to Jiang Yihan i

ntroduction, from July this year to date, LOAD MAX, Shenyang, Ningbo, Xuzhou and other places opened 14 stores, in addition to the base in Shenzhen Beijing baina square and outside of Cixi city RT 2 stores, while the remaining 12 stores are opening Wanda Plaza, "in the future, where opening Wanda Plaza, where LOAD MAX will appear in". In addition, Wanda Plaza, Vientiane City, super brand Mall, commercial real estate projects such as Dragon's dream, impressions, and also has access to LOAD MAX shop chat list. "Zero rent, zero inventory" shop LOAD MAX "rental of zero, zero inventory" open a shop. At present, LOAD MAX intention has been reached with more than more than 40 domestic and foreign brands, these brands so long as they paid a certain amount of "cost-sharing" and may sell their products into LOAD MAX.

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