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confirmed that the next aokang will provide

create fashion footwear accessories--LOAD MAX integrated shop, the store once launched, because of strong United Kingdom fashion shopping atmosphere and a wide range of products, highly United Kingdom of their popularity with young people, as they browse global mirror of fashion culture. In 2013, the LOAD MAX came with huge consumption potential of    air max 95 cheap   China to look for partners, has an international Outlook and the local operational experience aokang goes well with the reality of marriage. Industry analysts believe that aokang April 2012 strategic positioning of the company as a leading footwear retail service operators, the introduction of LOAD MAX is an important practice on this strategy. Officials also confirmed that the next aokang will provide

operations for positioning LOAD MAX brand, display, retail, professional services, and roots in shoe retail service experience service gets more brands. "Wanda speed" + "rental of zero, zero inventory" After the introduction of LOAD MAX layouts, aokang also has a clear plan, head of brand management, Internet, experiential, one-stop shopping is gradually becoming mainstream, LOAD MAX to complete the layout of the future, will be routed through the one-stop shopping experience the siege in village of SHOPMALL. In fact, the LOAD MAX has really made the breakthrough on the via SHOPMALL: Wanda Plaza, with the country's largest SHOPMALL leader--teamed up as its brand. In future, where opening Wanda Plaza, LOAD MAX will appear

where. Has opened 14 without exception all bundled with the Wanda Plaza, realized the expansion. In addition, Wanda Plaza, mixc, super brand Mall,  air max 1 cheap Dragon's dream, impression, appear in the chat list aokang. Insiders worry that comes bundled with Wanda, SHOPMALL realized enclosure LOAD MAX in a subsequent design, matches the item purchase, production, logistics, inventory and other aspects will have no small challenge. In this regard, expresses its operations chief worry, like Ali make the cat a e-commerce platform, aokang LOAD MAX into a line of fashion retail platform. It is understood that aokang can integrate resource contains at least three aspects: first, mastered the highest quality fast fashion offline retail channels in China, second, Alliance

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