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supply chain system of research

square meters). China Merchants securities research recently reported that since 2012 quarter, Terminal retail environment continues to falter, aokang international channels (go straight + closing) pressure noticeable drag on performance, cost rate. Terminal retail pressures are still high in the first half of the year, and there are still  air max classic bw sale some franchises will go direct, expects overall performance remained poor in the first half, but a low base-and-completion of direct marketing will result in performance compared with some recovery in the second half. Get rid of "middle age" positioning Aucom International executives said, adherence to the "integrated fashion" to retail service operators as strategic positioning, by integrating the supply chain system of research

and sales, a "fashion line" business model. In recent years, although aokang international long-term implementation with "aokang" brand, "Kang long" o   nike air yeezy 2 saler "fire bird" brands such as supplemented by the multi-branding strategy, and aimed at a different consumer market segmentation, but in fact, in the minds of most consumers, aokang International is a manufacturer and sale of middle-aged men's footwear businesses, very little effect on young consumers. Wang Hailong, said aokang's future direction is towards "brand rejuvenation". Thus, the hand Kim Soo-hyun, but also for the brand into "youth" element of consideration. On April 18, aokang joint Sina, the line "who is your idea of a male God or goddess" activities, subject to use Twitter to promote activity, attracting millions of online voting, finally Kim Soo-hyun obtained online vote lent a "God" title. "The ' Professor ' Kim Soo-hyun of the highest number of votes. "Wang Hailong

told the newspaper reporters, compared with other stars, Kim Soo-hyun's popularity in China is higher. Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun fan group relatively young, mostly after in born, aokang brand services this is the future of mainstream consumers. Thus, aokang sky-high, "Professor" given mission was to rejuvenate the brand image of the brand, which captured the hearts of these young consumers. "Professor," "Airborne" can help aokang turn round their performance and accelerate the brand younger, time will tell the answer.Domestic footwear market doldrums make the industry leader starting situation. Yesterday, aokang group spokesman Kim Soo-hyun launched the first O2O carrying without a shoe store, and start global investment strategy. Aokang President Wang Zhentao introduced O2O modes are available online and free shoe experience 3D smart

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