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employees and enterprises are one,


rewards. In order to address employee accommodation and living problems, sports star in employee leasing conditions better facilities located near the House as staff quarters. Sport star outstanding staff awards ceremony held twice a year, for an award-winning employee, the company will send home to good news, let your family share this honor. "Work" to "life" In modern society, work has been taken up individual most of the time  cheap nike flyknit air max   , other than sleep, employees in the company is much larger than the time at home. But staff generally have a psychological, not look forward to run home from work, left the company as a bird flying out of the cage. This phenomenon reflects the lack of enterprise management of human nature, completely isolates the work and life of its staff, employees in the company only mechanical work, did not feel the joy of

work. In response to this phenomenon, sport star advocate "work happily" at work can feel the joy of life. Sports stars to organise several cultural activities every year, enriching the lives of employees, such as 38 Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival outings and group, outward bound, cultural nights, etc. Sport star there are many cultural communities was established within the company, such as literature and art group, a book club, regularly organize activities of these associations, communication and learning. Meet the high psychological demands Renowned psychologi  air max plus tn salest Abraham. Maslow's theory that people's needs from low to high is divided into five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, social, esteem, and self-actualization needs. As living standards improve, people are more focused on higher demand. Simple attention to employee salaries, and

other basic needs, and cannot increase the cohesiveness of the team. Star of the movement focus on respect and fulfillment of the needs of employees, so that employees feel betrayed by the company attention, and more with a sense of accomplishment in their work. In the sports star, from management to staff to create a culture of equal communication, all the employee's voice will be heard, as long as good for business will be adopted. Sports star has set up training schools, continuous training for employees, allow employees to learn and grow on the job, in addition to in-house training, companies often hire experts to lecture for staff of the company. Sport star bold decentralization to their employees, giving employees the chance to show yourself and challenge yourself. Companies routinely recognize and reward its employees for work, creating a

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